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Welcome to the documentation for the HAUSRACK project. This directory houses all the critical documents, from high-level design documents to detailed hardware considerations.

The documentation directory is broken down into 4 main sub-directories:

  1. Design - This folder is contains the overall design documents such as project requirements, specifications, and system architecture. It should also include goals and non-goals.
  2. Hardware - This folder contains detailed documentation on the mechanical and electrical design.
  3. Software - This folder contains the code and build infrastructure for all the software associated with the project. This includes tools, bootloaders, and firmware.
  4. Blog - This folder contains the ongoing narration of the project in the form of a blog. It's a good place to keep people interesting in the project up-to-date.


The changelog is an important part of the documentation. It records the major changes between each project revision. It should contain:

  • A list of all significant modifications, improvements, and bug fixes made to the project in each version.
  • A brief description of why the changes were necessary.
  • The date of the changes.

This fits together with the decision log in helping people navigate the project. Thorough, updated, and accessible documentation is crucial for a project's success.